Beware: When Choosing a Roofing Company Three Types You Must Avoid

The Low Bid Roofing Company

In any industry there is always the bid that comes in that is not just lower, but sometimes significantly lower. Upfront it looks great, but if a roof repair replacement bid comes in from a Roofing Company that is a lot slower than the other bids, this raises a red flag.

This is where you really need to compare the written agreements. Not having a written agreement with a Roofing Company you are considering to do work on your home is NOT an option. You must have a written proposal. Compare their written low bid and you may find a lot of the “promised’ extras are not actually put in writing.

In addition, determine the brand of materials to be used. This applies more to the roofing shingles the roofing contractors are proposing to use on your home. There are many high-quality name brands your local roofing supply house sells to contractors and the public alike. Familiarize yourself with some of them. Have the brand of shingle materials listed on your roofing bid proposals by name. Follow up with the supply house and ask them about the quality and general warranty of the brand of materials listed on the proposals.

Is the Roofing Company proposing three-tab or Architectural shingles? Architectural shingles are visually much more appealing and you will get 30 + years of listed wear as compared to 15-20 years from three-tab shingles. Of course, Architectural shingles cost more but are well worth it.

Make sure your proposals list ice and water shield specifically as part of the work to be done. This is critical! Ice and water shield does just that, it protects your roof from ice build-up and keeps it from running up and under the roof during the winter when you can have the big snowfalls and the eventual thawing, freeze, thawing cycles. Not having ice and water shield can leave you open to major potential home damage, not only on the exterior of your home but on the interior as well. You do not want to experience either; it is a very expensive repair that is easily avoidable.

If you have ever experienced this home disaster or if you know someone that has gone through it, you know exactly what we are talking about.

 The Inexperienced Roofing Company

This can go along with the low bid Roofing Company. An inexperienced roofer may low bid your roof repair or roof replacement just to get the work because he has not been in business long and does not have a strong customer base to work with. In of itself that is not necessarily a bad thing, but remember, a warranty is only as good as the company that provides it. If they go out of business, you’re out a roof warranty. Do not take chances on this.

The Roofing Company with a Lack of Verifiable References

With the Roofing Company’s bid proposal should come a list of references of past clients or at least be available upon request. You need to follow through on all references you get. You should also request a list of completed jobs that you can drive by to see. If you can get the address of a roofing job they have in progress, all the better. Go by and witness for yourself how the run their operation. This will tell you a lot.

Look out for and avoid these three types of Roofing Company’s, do your research and you can have a good roof repair replacement experience.

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